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As one of the largest distributors in the United States for Bauer Compressors, we at August Industries Inc. strive to maintain a very large inventory of Genuine Bauer Parts, Supplies, and Compressors.

Keep your Bauer Compressor in the best possible condition by using only Genuine Bauer Replacement Parts. Genuine Bauer parts have many advantages over the aftermarket parts. Bauer maintains stringent quality manufacturing standards to assure the consumer confidence, that many aftermarket suppliers simply ignore.

Bauer Compressors have the lowest lifecycle cost of ownership due largely in part to the competitive pricing of genuine Bauer replacement parts. The intrinsic higher quality of the genuine Bauer replacement parts actually saves money. Suppliers of non-genuine Bauer parts lack the proprietary technical and material specifications, thus resulting in compromised performance and higher failure rates and ultimately higher costs. There really is no reason to consider anything other than genuine Bauer replacement parts.

This website has recently been moved and upgraded to enhance the ability to see parts schematics and exploded views of the compressors. Additionally our new site allows for easy online ordering of the Bauer parts and supplies. You can go directly to our new site www.AugustIndustries.com   or you can browse the specific Bauer category on the right column, where you will be taken directly to that product category on our new website.

Whether you are looking for Bauer Valves, Bauer Maintenance Kits, Bauer Filters, Bauer Gaskets, or any other Bauer Parts, we have made it easier for you at our new site. 

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high pressure air compressors for scuba

high pressure air compressors for scuba

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