Bauer Parts

Keep your Bauer Compressor in the best possible condition by using only Genuine Bauer Replacement Parts. Protect your investment and protect your warranty by using only genuine Bauer Parts.

Bauer lubricants are uniquely made for the demanding applications of a high pressure compressor.

Bauer cartridges are made specifically for your Bauer compressor to the highest quality standards available. Industry leading packaging to insure long life.

For proper fit and functions use only genuine Bauer gaskets. We have gaskets both individually and in kits.

We provide genuine 500,  1000, 2000 Bauer maintenance kits. For your specific model. Click hear to learn more.

Bauer pistons have the highest degree of tolerances. Only use genuine Bauer pistons to keep your Bauer compressor in top condition. 

Our site has countless other genuine Bauer parts for your compressor. Click hear to learn more.

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